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Anonymous sent: I want you to write all of the things forever. Seriously you are one of my favorites. I am adoring your Bucky and Steve stuff.

This made my day! Thank you! Well if you want anything specific my inbox is always open for prompts. Especially Steve and Bucky prompts since my brain’s been hijacked by them.

My hatred of posting on mobile has reached an all time high

What the hell is this formatting?

Anonymous sent: The metal arm

There’s a yell. There’s a crash.

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Prompt Me!
Anonymous sent: Bucky afraid to use his metal arm near Steve, because he's only really used it for violence.

He can kill ten grown men in five seconds flat with one hand behind his back. 

And that was before the upgrades. 

He can murder. He can change the course of nations with a twist of his metal fingers. If he has shaped the century as they told him, than the metal arm locked into his shoulder socket is the knife he’s done it with. He favors his other arm. His human arm. It’s not as if he has much use for it, but his training is to use the metal arm before his human hand. To protect what shred of humanity he has left in his fingertips, though he knows it’s stupid and the blood on his hand does not discriminate. 

His life shifts in a thousand ways. 

His arm does not. 

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for ironheartedprincess —> The Old Man and The Sea
Anonymous sent: So, that metal arm can't be light, right? Trying to balance that weight would probably knot up Bucky's back and shoulders. I'm requesting fluffy comforting from Steve, be it him encouraging Bucky to take the arm off and rest his body when possible, or working the tension out, whatever. :)

"You okay?" The minute the words leave his mouth Steve regrets it. He doesn’t like being asked if he’s alright. The had on his shoulder stops, like he’s a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. Actually he stops like he did when they were younger and fights he got in the middle of had him bruised. His fingers still on his shoulder but he doesn’t move them away, which is a dead give away that something’s bothering him.

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Anonymous sent: Steve/Bucky, nightmares. :)

They don’t have nightmares like normal people.

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